Rank: Admiral
Division: Senate
Additional Duties: High Command
BSC ID: 14227
Comlink: M1A2Tanker
Enlistment Date: 2000-06-04 (22 yrs)


Ship of Choice: Z95,X-W,A-W,T/I,T/Defender
Personal Ship: Camoflaged, modified Xwing. Camoflaged TIE Defender.
Motto: The Past Influences the Present, which can change the Future
Quote: One Small Addition to the ReBeLs, One Giant Leap for Tankers.....

My name is not important. I am from a small planet in a relatively remote sector of space. My planet was a fractured world; no central government, many different militaries. Even so, the world had made great advances in world unity, with the creation of a single diplomatic center for the whole planet, the United Countries. My home country, the Joined States of Amelika, was the true economic political, and military power in the world, and helped to stabilize relations and cool off any hot-spots.

I had joined in the military services, and became part of a highly illustrious branch, the Armor, or Tank branch. It had the best-armored, armed, and fastest tanks in the world. My home country also had the best Air Force in the world. The Tank I was on, bumper number Alpha 50, was a M1A2 Main Battle Tank, with 4 crewmen, a large caliber projectile cannon, and several other smaller caliber slug-throwers. I became highly proficient in using its sophisticated computer targeting, high maneuverability, and speed in numerous combat engagements all over the world in numerous climates and terrain. My crew and I were one of the best in the Tanker world.

Then the Empire came.

At first we were all ecstatic at the presence of other life, but our joy turned quickly to rage as the three Star Destroyers, led by Admiral IsoFlex, launched TIEs, Interceptors, and bombers, and fired turbolasers at our largest cities. The entire World became one, and all our combined Air Forces joined in a titanic battle against the far superior starships. In only 5 hours our Air had been mauled, and the Empire launched their ATATs and ATSTs. Our Armor, Artillery, and what was left of our Air Forces met them. A terrific battle ensued, and we managed to beat the Empire back for a day. It was incredible! We fired out best Armor Piercing Fin-stabilized Discarding Sabot (Sabot for short) penetrators at point blank range at the monstrous ATATs, and the best we could hope for was that we jammed a leg servo. Our most powerful Artillery shell simply bounced off. We took horrendous casualties, until we learned to target the heads of the ATATs. Our Super Sabot rounds easily blasted them. Even though we stopped them in their tracks, we lost 8 divisions in our Army alone. The rest of the world fared worse. We knew we couldn't stop them a second time, and our fears were confirmed when two more Star Destroyers arrived, and started to launch a second, even larger ground and Air Force.

In our bleakest hour, we gained new hope as a second fleet arrived and attacked the Imperial Force. Yet, despite their brave efforts, the entire ground force arrived on the ground and engaged us. I finished off one ATAT and three ATSTs, before my tank turret was holed and most of my crew was killed when the blast ignited the small arms ammunition. I was blown from the turret, and awoke barely in time to hide from the Stormtroopers. I watched and listened as they killed our grunts, hunted down the few remaining tankers who survived. I managed to "appropriate" a blaster from a trooper, and managed to find a downed X-wing. The ship looked like it had been landed, but I found the pilot 50 meters away, dead from a stray bullet, or blaster bolt. I couldn't tell which, but either way, there was nothing I could do. I couldn't read the words in the HUD, or the other schematics; nonetheless, it seemed pretty straightforward, if you were a rocket scientist. I had some piloting experience, but I was totally lost.

I guesstemated as to how to turn the damn thing on, and got lucky. Actually I think I ticked off the Astromech, and he decided to bail. Unfortunately, he took me to the Cruiser Mace, which was in the thickest of the fighting. Somehow, in my fumbling and pushing buttons and pulling sticks, I managed get the autopilot off, and the s-foils open (yeah, I tried that little switch above my head to turn the autopilot off, amazing what you learn after a few months of training) and get fired upon by three TIEs. Somehow I managed to down one, and would have been killed by his ticked off buddies, if a couple of ReBeLs hadn't shown up. Having no jack for my Tankers helmet, I had no idea they were calling me after they cleared my tail. But they drew abreast of me and gestured to me through the viewports. They guided me to the Mace, and helped me land (which was a feat unto itself!). Once landed, and out of the X-wing, I met my saviors. Commander Wildslash and Flight Leader Vader. Although they were puzzled as to my helmet and uniform (as was I of theirs), they helped comfort me through the shock that my home planet had been overrun, and the Rebel task force had no choice but to retreat.

Now, I've joined the squadron that saved me from certain death on my first ever space flight. I've been training hard to learn how to read the blasted Tech Manuals, and to fly the X-Wing as proficiently as possible. I replaced my old callsign Nightrunner, and took on the callsign M1A2Tanker, to remember that my first Imp kills were not in space, but in my tank, and to remind me of what I'm fighting for. I also wear the same uniform, and unit patch that I received in my JSA Army service, to respect and continue serving the JSA Army. Although it was quite a trick to get my helmet and uniform modified to have a magcon protection, but the tech boys were good at their job. It also helped that I had gotten a hold of a Chopper pilots' helmet to replace my old one before the Imperial attack. At least they didn't have to install a visor, just make the visor transparisteel. They were happy about that at least. That and teaching them poker and spades (and cleaning them out) made things a little easier. But that's another story.

Unfortunately, my home planet was deemed too rebellious, and most of the population was killed, or made slaves of. Those that survived, run a hard Resistance, using what they can find. I haven't been able to return home to see if my family lived, and it looks like I won't be able to for years. Must be that bounty on my head as the only one of my planets military to have escaped death. I will return……..And so will the ReBeL Squadron.

In the name of my former Joined States of Amelika Army Tank Company, I shall call this battle cry to avenge my planet, and to strike fear in the hearts of Imperial pilots! And to show respect to those who have fallen, Rebel and JSA Army comrades,

I cry forth………..


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