Code of Conduct


We will always present ourselves with a good attitude and without showings of anger!

This is the key element in ReBeL....Always be courteous to everyone. Of course there are some that will try your patience, so you must also use good judgement in situations like these. Don't start an exchange of words that will bring discredit on Rebel, but be polite yet firm. And if all else fails and they are completely out of line get a sysop or even take a break. Many of us have been in a situation like that. This will present a good image of the club and make it much more fun for all involved, Rebel pilots included. We strive to be the best as a club and a team yet the actions of an individual can bring discredit on Rebel.
"May we all be driven in a positive way in each and everything we do !!" --Admiral Steeltoe--


We will be an active member of ReBeL for Wars, Meetings, and any other activity that is done as a club.

Without activity a club or squad dies quickly. Once again many of us here have seen this happen. We must do our utmost to attend the meetings, check the message boards and post at a minimum of once a week, email on occassion, and fly our hearts out in wars. This club was made to be a fun place for everyone and being active members adds to that fun and helps meet a lot of new people as well as creating a team. Awards and Rank is awarded for Activity and not skill. BUT real life always takes precedence over our club and the gaming environment.
"A strong team effort will out do any single best" --Admiral Zarathos--

Chain of Command

Each member will be expected to use the Chain of Command for any problems that may arise.

We treat each other with respect and treat everyone equally.Any and all problems still have to be dealt with through the Chain of Command. Any problems with members of other squadrons will also be dealt through the Chain of Command.

Have Fun

Dont ever forget this one!

Rebel was created as a place to have a lot of fun. We want to keep this as a ground rule and reason for being a part of Rebel. As a member of this team you and all of us will learn a lot, meet a lot of people, and have fun all around.
"Fun is a key factor in anything you do, especially in a gaming environment! If it isn't fun, why do it" --Admiral Mac--