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BSC 100 day roster rule changed


The 100 day drop rule was mainly in place to cut down on false game reporting and to keep the user select dropdowns for event match submission cleaner/up to date.... [full article]

Shooting Gallery

Gobble! Gobble! Turkey shoot, mine clearing, set em up n knock em down!
Gallery is now open on Voobly [full article]


RBL is a gaming club and fan site for a multitude of Sci-Fi genres.

We originally formed in December 1999 as a Star Wars clan for the X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter game series.

While much of our website is themed after Star Wars, we do not limit our activities to just Star Wars (or a single faction), we encompass and welcome many other games and genres into our fold.

We have enjoyed team camaraderie endeavors in Xwing vs. Tie, Xwing Alliance, JediKnight, KOTOR, Star Wars Galaxies in times past with current titles including SWTOR, Battlefront, FarCry series, Fallout 4, World of Tanks, World of Planes, and the list goes on... too many to list here.

We are all about having fun and building team spirit, some would consider us a family. Age doesn't matter here, most of us ReBeLs are anywhere from kids to those enjoying their stay at the retirement villa, we are all really kids at heart.

Price for admission is that you have FUN and adhere to our Code of Conduct. We welcome all newcomers on our forum, feel free to register and say hi if you would like to join or just chat.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the enlistment button and get moving :)