Rank: Admiral
Division: Reserves
Additional Duties: High Command
BSC ID: 12761
Comlink: Vader
Enlistment Date: 2000-04-30 (19 yrs)


The Beginning

I, Dametrious, Vandercleve was born on the small planet of Kuul Frijoles; I lived there with my parents Cartento and Perouis. At an early age I was found to have a substantial midi-chlorian count and a Jedi Master by the name of Mantorall was sent from the planet of Coruscant to train me in the ways of the Force.

The planet Kuul Frijoles was a tropical planet enriched in minerals, which caught the eye of Emperor Palpatine, he therefore sent a strike force to take over the planet and strip it of all of its resources. Leading this strike force from his ship the Excalibur. The one known as Lord Darth Vader showed no mercy on our land and decimated all the inhabitants, killing my father and mother. Luckily I was taken from the planet by my Master Mantorall and evaded capture. Would you think that the Vile Lord Vader would let us simply get away? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He hunted us and found us on the planet of Frantobia where my Master Mantorall fought a Brave and Valiant battle against this Lord of the Sith and lost. I was able to escape from the planet but was pursued by the Imperial Forces sent to capture me. In the area of the Dentari system I had ran enough, and stood my ground to fight or die.

The battle was enormous; I was at the threshold of being destroyed when I saw laser blasts passing through the Imperial forces, cutting through them like butter. For the rest of the battle I was in and out of consciousness do to the extensive amount of injuries that I had received, I was able to hear the Noble person from the ship which rescued me. ( WildSlash to pilot of craft in distress!!! I repeat WildSlash to pilot!!!)

I awoke to find myself in a medical unit and was told my chances were Grim, due to my injuries. If I survived I would not be able to function outside of the environmental shield that I was presently contained in. With WildSlash and his encouraging words, prayers, and help I did recover, With one exception, if I were to function outside the environmental shield I would have to encase myself in a suit that could support my life functions.

Therefore, I emulated the suit of the person whom caused this to my body, Lord Darth Vader, and changed my name to his. I can now stand for all that is Good were HE stands for all that is Evil; also I vowed to eliminate the Imperial threat that has been established in this galaxy. I do wish you to know upon hearing this Lord Darth Vader was so enraged that a bounty on my head was set that brings people and creatures of all nature looking to bring my demise.

WildSlash, completing my training in the ways of the force asked me if I cared to join a family that had mutual goals in defeating the Empire and removing the Evil that was plaguing this galaxy and others. I was taken to a Hall of Justice and was formerly indoctrinated into the RebeL Squadron.

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