Rank: Admiral
Division: Senate
Additional Duties: High Command
BSC ID: 10123
Comlink: Azis
Enlistment Date: 2000-04-02 (22 yrs)


Ship of Choice: X-Wing/Z-95/A-Wing/TB
Motto: RnR (Rock-n-Roll)

Transformation of Az'is

Being descendant of parents loyal to the Empire, and having no desire to complete my own justation into the Imperial Navy, I took plight from my birth heritage at a young age. My rebellious nature and strong desire to oppose any and everything related with my youth, I took up with a newly formed squadron loyal to the Rebellion. Made up mostly of misfits and outcasts, the squad was intended to protect the outer realm. While this did allow for me too pursue my retaliation against the Empire, it soon began to feel like a nomadic struggle as the region was vast and many of my own squad seemed to lack the passion and desire for the cause.

Never seeming to really fit in, I preferred the Solo, Grave patrol. This allowed me the freedom carry out my own agenda as I seen fit. It also provided the means to accompany others loyal to the Rebellion. Generally quiet and uneventful, this patrol offered very little as far as combat experience. As I never had any real pilot training during my youth, any Imperial encounters usually got the better of me. My first victorious engagement came during a routine patrol when I encountered four Assault Gunboats hypering in from the Bectar quadrant. Knowing one small A-wing had not a prayer of a head to head with this group, I quickly found the nearest obstacle available to disguise my presence and formulate my plan. The Asteroid warhead launcher was suitable for my one small A-Wing. The moon colony Ion seemed to be the destination as two of the craft headed for the moons surface as the other two took up a patrolling orbit.

Now the odds had lessened by 1/2 but still not the most desirable. If I could just get two missiles off on one of them while they were at there greatest spread in their patrol, I could switch to lasers and hit the other from behind and hopefully out run them to a safe distance. No thinking........I would easily talk my self out of it....NO!! Now!!! switch to missiles, target now........throttle full and I was off. My lack of experience had not taught me that two missiles from an A-Wing only stand the chance to slightly upset a pilot of a Gunboat. Still intent to carry out my plan, and the lack of coming up with a backup plan, I was able to get off one missile at 2.2K and another at 2.0K. I'd also failed to account for the Gun detecting me as soon as I targeted him. One last missile off at 1.7K, I switched to lasers and aborted my plan to attack the other ship in favor of doing enough damage to the first one to hopefully speed off and survive. He had locked on to me and had fired to missiles in answer. Taking evasive and attack maneuvers, I could almost taste my colon in the back of my throat. At .8K I had taken several hits and was badly damaged and could only foresee the end for me. Well if this is to be it will go down my way............Straight in from here madly firing lasers, WOW!! I was blasting this ship into Oblivion. I would have to pay some special respects to the Techs back at the base. Wildly laughing I continued straight on blasting away. Seconds later was the blinding explosion of the Gunboat. Still not clear on how this could be, I was quickly brought back to the moment when over the com came *Pilot of the A-wing are you in need of assistance?* Looking at my scopes I saw that two X-wings had entered but from ....what...

Yes! Yes! This is Asis121 of The Rebel Alliance..............

Roger that, this is Father of ReBeL........

One more Gun in orbit patrol and two on the surface...

Copy that but only two on the surface now Asis121........this is Shinymite of ReBel....I believe the other has given up his patrol....

I must have been delusional to think that I could have taken out a Gunboat head to head..........Father had come in behind me somehow and more than equalized the confrontation while Shinymite managed to damage the second Gunship enough to abort any confrontation. This was to become the first of many joint efforts for me with ReBeL. Father and Shinymite became helpful, encouraging and informative on my pilot skills. Soon my coalition with ReBeL became a regular occurrence. Having been approached by both Father and Shiny as well as Mac and Crys to join their band, my alliance to these folks was growing. Still I felt the need to be loyal to my own squad, disbanded as they were. Still these pilots continued to support my efforts and managed to show up when none of my own were able too.

Vowing to myself that this is may be the one chance for me to join and be part of a group that is based on my self appointed mission, I choose to join ReBeL and fight as best as I am capable and promote all other efforts in the plight I began as a young novice and perhaps foolish pilot!!!! With this helmet I will pledge my loyalty to ReBel!!!!!

With this helmet I dub myself Az'is committed to sweep the universe of the Empires influence.

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