Rank: Admiral
Division: Reserves
Additional Duties: Founder
BSC ID: 267
Comlink: Zarathos
Enlistment Date: 1999-12-18 (21 yrs)


Ryan Ford
Ship of Choice: X-Wing
Motto: Fly Fast and Kick Butt!!

As a child, Ryan was left stranded on Togoria by a crash that killed his parents. When he was found he was calling for his sister Sarah. The Togorians thought he was saying Zara and continued using that as his name. The Togorians adopted him into their society. Ryan wasn't allowed to hunt with with the males, so he stayed with the females & began learning their technology. Ryan learned quickly, but always had an adventurous spirit. At the age of 12, he got a mosgoth from Thos, his favorite uncle. Ryan was always out flying around on his beloved mosgoth Zotos.

In search of new sources of slaves, the Empire invaded Togoria & rained fire on the capital city of Caross. Several females were killed & the rest taken as slaves for the Empire. Ryan returned to the capital & was devastated at what he found. He went to find the males & tell them of the atrocities he'd seen. The males returned to Caross, but there was nothing they could do. The Rebellious, a Mon Calamari star-ship and home to Fly, Reaper, and Sangre Squadrons, had been tracking the Imperial slavers & had followed them into the Togorian system. They arrived at Togoria 1 day after the attack. The Rebellious offered what assistance they could, but needed to keep after the slavers. Thos knew that Ryan wouldn't be allowed to stay with the males. Thos spoke with Commander Samson of the Rebellious & explained Ryan's situation. Commander Samson agreed to take Ryan with him. Although Ryan lacked combat skill, he was quite knowledgeable about snub-fighters & their design. Commander Samson made him a mechanic's helper for the Rebellious' celebrated "FLY Squadron."

Ryan worked hard & was rewarded with some flight simulator time. By then, Ryan knew he wanted to be a pilot more than anything else and practiced every chance he got in the flight simulator. Eventually, his scores caught the attention of Commander Samson. Commander Samson started letting him fly shuttles & other ships to get actual flight time. Slowly but surely, Ryan worked his way into the seat of FLY 3 and carried the call sign of "Zarathos" to honor his Togorian uncle. It was the greatest day of his young life.

Ryan was trained by the best FRS had to offer. Captain Maalihan and Captain Coffey showed Ryan how to stay alive when the fight got ugly. After a year and a half with the elite group, Ryan had become FLY Squadrons Executive Officer but was forced to watch the Rebellious return to be decommissioned. It was a sad day for him as he started searching for a new home.

Ryan then set up a meeting with his trusted wing man Crego and sent a proposal to the New Republic for a new squadron. Due to both of their Loyalty to the New Republic, the proposal was accepted and the Birth of ReBeL had began. The 2 pilots quickly got a hold of several fellow pilots they had met before and discussed the new squadron. It didn't take long to form the commanding staff for "ReBeL".

XvT Week of War XXXIV - 2001-04-27 - View Results10GamesGameWinLossPlayerWinLossKDRatioPlayerRank-Ranked 11th in Xwings -
XvT Week of War XXX - 2000-12-22 - View ResultsGameWinLossPlayerWinLossKDRatioRank#1RBLWoW
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XvT Week of War XXVII - 2000-09-22 - View Results10GamesGameWinLossPlayerWinLossKDRatioPlayerRankMillionPointsRank#1RBL- Ranked 2nd in X-Wings - - Ranked 27th in All Ships -
XvT Week of War XXVI - 2000-08-25 - View Results10GamesPlayerWinLossKDRatioPlayerRank- Ranked 35th in X-Wings -
XvT Week of War XXV - 2000-07-28 - View Results10GamesPlayerWinLossKDRatioPlayerRank- Ranked 30th in X-Wings -
The Galvestooine Dilemma - 2000-07-08 - View Results10GamesPlayerWinLossKDRatioPlayerRank- Ranked 6th in All Ships -
XvT Week of War XXIV - 2000-06-23 - View Results10GamesPlayerWinLossKDRatioMostPointsPlayerRankMillionPoints- Ranked 29th in X-Wings -
War of the Jedi - 2000-06-09 - View ResultsPlayerWinLossWoW
XvT Week of War XXIII - 2000-05-26 - View Results10GamesPlayerWinLossKDRatioPlayerRankMillionPointsRank#1RBL- Ranked 17 in X-Wings -
War of the Millennium III - 2000-05-07 - View Results10GamesGameWinLossPlayerWinLossKDRatioPlayerRank- Ranked 10th in All Ships -
XvT Week of War XXII - 2000-04-28 - View Results10GamesGameWinLossPlayerWinLossKDRatioPlayerRankRank#1RBL- Ranked 23rd in X-Wings -
War of the Millennium II - 2000-04-07 - View Results10GamesGameWinLossPlayerWinLossKDRatioPlayerRankMillionPointsRank#1RBL- Ranked 1st in A-Wings - - Ranked 7th in X-Wings - - Ranked 33rd in All Ships -
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