Rank: Chief Officer
Division: Reserves
Additional Duties: Squad Leader
BSC ID: 11981
Comlink: Simon
Enlistment Date: 2001-03-02 (20 yrs)


Ship of Choice: X-Wing/TIE Interceptor
Enlistment Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001

Born on Corellia, I was raised there like every other average human child.
Grewing older I became fascinated by technology, especially vehicles.
I spend hours at the interplanetary spaceport gazing at the starships, mirroring the sunlight on their smooth surfaces.
At nights I looked up into the sky searching for the propulsions glow of distant crafts fading away into the black background with millions of twinkling stars.
A strange feeling touched my heart in these moments.

In my youth I spend much time with my friends joking and laughing, I was quite addicted to hologames. But my strong interest in technology was still present.
I helped out in a local garage to earn a little money.
When I had saved up enough, I bought a old wrecked landglider.
Working every free minute on it, it was after several month of hard work in working condition again.

The glider became my main hobby, I became very skilled at steering it and tried everything to tune and patch it up a bit more.

When I was old enough to match the requieremts moved to Coruscant and started studying Aerospace Engineering at the Imperial Academy of Technology.

It was a long and hard time, but remembering that this was what I always wanted to do made it endurable.
I spend much of my freetime and money on flying around with various crafts.
During the studys I already got into touch with Sienar Fleet Systems, and they employed me right away after I had my diploma.

At first I really enjoyed working there, payment was good and it was very interesting to help developing these new experimental spacefighters.

But after some time I realised that the imperial navy had a too big influence on the projects, engineers who failed to match the set timeframe one time to often, disappeared suddenly. The freedom to put in own ideas was not given. Everything was decided by the High Command.

It was by fault that I stumbled into a mail on the holonet where Jan Dodoona and Walex Blissex searched small companys to construct their newly developed starfighter. I realised it was a great opportunity for me to found my own business.

Beeing only for a short time at Sienar Fleet Systems without any access to classified data, it was possible for me to leave.

I travelled back to my homeworld Corellia and contacted the Alliance.

The contract was made and I gathered some mechanics building up a small production facility on Corellias brotherworld Talus. This happened quietly and unoticed by authority.

Beeing close to the intergalactical trading routes it was easy to gain resources unnoticed.

We had a good time producing several A-Wings, but it shouldn't last forever.

One morning, my team was at the Dearic Spaceport to pick up the weekly delivery, I made some last tests on the newely completed A-Wing.

Suddenly there was a loud blast and the sheddoor was melted away in a flash. Sparks flew around and smoke rised. Through the smoke stormtroopers poured into the shed.

Without thinking I jumped into the A-Wings cockpit igniting the thrusters and closing the canopy.
I was very lucky that I had just tested the propulsion systems and the engines were at working temperature.
Blasterrifle blasts hit the ships hull, leaving burned marks on the fresh paint.
Firmly pressing the trigger I sended out a short set of red gleaming blasts from the boardlasers and the big sheddoor was no more.

The engines roared out load as I slammed the throttle open.
With still half open canopy I escaped capture or even death.
While still in range I warned my dear employees over my personal intercom, and set course into deep space.

Somehow imperial intelligence must have managed to gain knowledge about our small business.
Since I was for sure searched on every imperial controlled world I travelled deep into the outer territorys.
Making rest only deepspace stations, where the scum of the universe used to spend there time I managed to remain unnoticed.

I started to search for a new construction site. It was during that period that I came across a strange designed spacestation.
The radio crackled:[quote]Unknown vessel this is ReBeL HQ flight control, please identify yourself.[/quote] Transmitting my Alliance affiliate id and the purpose of my flight, flight control granted clearance. [quote]You are clear to land A-Wing 656-23. Hold course and you will be picked up by our traktor beam.[/quote] [quote]A-Wing 656-23 Cleared to land, holding course for traktor beam.[/quote], I replyed.

I stayed some days at the base and made up my mind to join these forces, at least for the moment.
So I signed up and was placed in Hawk Squadron. Under the command Of SL M1A2Tanker I learned to be a soldier, something absolutly new to me.
At the same time two other new recruits started their service in Hawk, AntillesJedi and Dark. We became close friends while moving up the ranks. ReBeL became a new home for me.
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