Rank: Captain
Division: Reserves
Additional Duties: Squad Leader
BSC ID: 13558
Comlink: Wraith
Enlistment Date: 2001-09-22 (19 yrs)


Mike Johansson
Ship of Choice: TIE Bomber
Motto: O spiteful one, show me who to smite and they will be smoten.

My Species Defel look like bipedal shadows, with red eyes and long, white fangs. In ultraviolet light, they can be seen in all their glory. Defel have muscular, fur-covered bodies. Their long, triple-jointed fingers end in vicious claws. They have protruding snouts, and gill like slits at the base of their jaws. These beings stand about 1.8 meters in height, and usually have shoulder widths of 1.2 meters. They live underground on the planet Af'El, mining the various metals in the planet's crust and outer core. They can see equally well in normal and ultraviolet lighting, and their eyes appear to glow red in normal light.

My Story My life up until the Imperial raid meant to "bring the residents under control" was a pretty simple one. I was in charge of flying the metals from the underground mines to the surface drop off point. I hate to brag but I was pretty good at it. In my spare time between training in the Defel martial arts and dreaming of being a pilot for the Imperial Navy I was constantly getting in trouble by 'borrowing' ships and racing them through the valleys and ravines of Af'El.

After the destruction of my village in the Imperial raid I lost faith in the Imperial point of view for the galaxy and took on the job of smuggler's body guard and because of the nature of my species it wasn't that hard to get work. From a time I was hired as an extra layer of security that could not be seen for all the shady deals they conducted, it worked out okay for a time but my frequent violent outbursts when we encountered Imperial patrols finally cost me my job. I hungered for more. I needed to be behind the stick of a fighter doing what I was best at, killing Imperials any way I could. Finally one day my chance came during a botched smuggling run and I needed to vacate the area before the local patrol came down on us.

So I stole the fighter I was in at the time, left the smuggling group and hypered off into the unknown to start my own personal vendetta on the Empire. As you might have guess it wasn't long before I ran out of cash needed to repair my dilapidated fighter and was desperately searching for work when I heard about this 'Rebellion', I wasn't to sure what to make of it, a rebellion against the Empire?, it just might be what I was looking for. I mean if I joined up I was guaranteed food and somewhere to sleep, but most important to me was the fact that if I joined I could hunt down Imperials with a better ship than the one I had stolen.As you can see I have flourished in my new environment, I have many new friends with similar stories and the need for revenge on the Empire. This is the beginning of my history and the rest of my life is being written even as you read this.....
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