RBL Training Structure

Training Code

First off, all new trainees have to have the desire to go out and have fun. That's the name of the game right there. I want everybody in RBL and in my training classes or sessions to be having fun.
You have to want to be better and willing to do at least a little practicing on your own. I can teach you the techniques but you have to work on them all the time or what I tell you won't help in the long run.
I will guarantee that your stats for WOW's and other wars will increase from 30% up to 70%. Note: This depends on how much you know and how good you are before I get a hold of you.
After my training sessions, you'll be having more fun during wars because you and your teams will be winning more often.
I do require that each pilot read through the individual and team manual so that I don't have to explain the same thing over and over again when just one person has missed something. I will write these up and put them up on the site so that each person has access to them.

General Information

This is just going to be a little information on what I plan on teaching and helping everybody with.

Individual training will be done in a 1 v 1 format as much as possible. This helps me to pick out what I need to help the pilots with and allows me not to be distracted by other people. This will also help the student concentrate on what I'm telling him and work on what I've mentioned to them.

I will do team training and when I get enough students interested, I'm going to have each of you pick somebody who you enjoy winging with the most and find yourself winging with the most during wars. I'll teach you and your wing many different tips and some advanced tactics during the matches that you can utilize. But I won't be limiting each pilot to just one wing. Everything I teach can be learned by all pilots and in the long run will help them to wing with just about anybody. There will of course be your preferred wing once you get to know them. When I try and teach some of these tactics, I'm going to try, and key word is try, to have some diagrams of what I'm talking about so that I don't completely confuse people and it might help in the long run.

This training will not be quick and will not be easy. I'm going to have the same req's for each one of my students so nobody will feel that they didn't get enough either attention on cheated in some way or that I'm not being fair. Now I'll mention how the class is going to proceed and take place.

Class Information

There will be a chance to setup specific times for training if some of you aren't online a lot. I can usually arrange something for everybody. There will also be the opportunity to seek me out whenever I'm online and ask me to help you out. This will be for both the individual and team training.
There will be promotion opportunities associated with my training program. Haven't figured out how to structure that though.
There will be a new "rank" that can be used when posting so that others will see how far you've progressed and kind of a way to show off that you are getting better and are proud of it. I know how this works because I used to do it myself. :)
There will be different levels to be achieved with each student. Basically everybody except a few will start at the lower levels of the ranking system and move up from there. Because this is a Rebel squad, I'm going to be using some familiar ranks plus I'm thinking of using the Jedi levels of training for the upper levels. There will be 3 of them: Padawan, Knight, and of course Master.
If you perform well enough, you can achieve the rank of Master and the right to teach other students. This way when more students come, I won't be the only one and so people won't be left out or left without anybody to help them because I'm not on with the pilots are.
You as a student have to let me know that you want to be trained before I add you to the official training roster. I can just fly with you every once in awhile but my students who notified me will take priority. To sign up, it's just a simple matter of either posting on the comlink or sending me an e-mail that you’re interested.
For the team training, I'll want you to wing with somebody who you wing in the wars. This will help you out as a team. I won't give out promotions or ranks based on a team because some are just naturally better than others just because of the way that they fly.
These are going to be the areas that I will be looking at for giving out promos within the training ranks: Overall Activeness, Stat improvement, willingness to learn, and how quickly you pick things up and start using them. I will take into consideration any recommendations that are sent to me by the pilots' Commanding Officers. Also remember that these training promo's can come much more often but it depends on how much each pilot puts into it.
The Pilot Ranks will be available to everybody that wants into the training program. The Jedi Ranks will be a little more special and will be reserved for the pilots who still want to train but this will be more extensive. This will be an invite or recommendation only area. If a pilots commanding officer recommends that a pilot is doing really well then they can send that recommendation to me or any of the other Jedi Masters at the time. We will review it as a council and then decide based on our own assessments of the pilot but taking into consideration the recommendation of the commanding officer.

Training Ranks

(All new pilots start at the beginning and get promoted from there)
Pilot Ranks Promotion when achieved
Flight Cadet
Flight Officer Promo given
Top Ace
Jedi Padawan Promo Given
Jedi Knight Promo Given along with the ability to help train others officially
Jedi Master Promo Given along with the ability to help train others officially

10. *** Warning *** The Jedi Ranks will not be for everybody and the rank of Jedi Master will not achieved by all Jedi Knights. Remember that this is all in fun but allows people the right to kind of "show off" without being a jerk about it. I have been part of these before and most of the time it proves to be an incentive to become a better pilot rather than becoming some kind of descrimination to other pilots. I will now discuss the requirements to achieve higher ranks within both groups.

Pilot Ranks : These promo's will be requested to be given out by the teacher and approved by one Jedi Knight or Jedi Master.

Jedi Ranks :
Jedi Padawan : Must be sponsored by one Jedi Knight and approved by one Jedi Master.
Jedi Knight : Must fly against 3 other Jedi Knights in a 2 v 2 match and then fly a Jedi Master in a 1 v 1. The 3 Jedi Knights and the Jedi Master all must vote yes for that pilot to become a Jedi Knight. Any of the Jedi Knights can be swapped with Jedi Masters if the Knights are not available.
Jedi Master : Must be a unanimous vote by all Jedi Masters.