Duties of the FADXO

1. Help maintain RBLs BSC’s accounts. Approve new pilots as long as you’ve seen a current RBL pilot’s recommendation (either on the Comms or email). Place the new recruits in the Boot Camp division. After they have participated in their first war place them in the squad they request. Remove pilots from the BSC Rosters, or move them to Reserves only if they have requested it, the SL requests it, or 3 months (move to Reserves) or 6 months (Remove completely) have passed. Email those pilots first before you move or remove them (or if you heard that the SL has done this). Tell Engineering of the changes done at BSC so that the RBL Roster reflects what is shown at BSC.

2. Request admin status if you haven’t already done so for all games RBL is involved with.

3. Approve/disapprove recommendations for promotions that are sent to the Senate, but send your approval/disapproval to the Senate only. The FAD will inform the SL’s of the Senates decision<.

4. Help with any disputes by being a mediator. Hear both sides first then decide on a course of action. Don’t let friendships influence your decision.

5. Maintain communication with all officers that are currently in a swuad. Those in Reserves will choose for themselves if they will maintain contact.

6. Make suggestions on how to improve the squad. Remember, they may/may not be acted on.

7. Continue to fly your heart out, as much as you can. RL still comes first.

8. Make sure you have all SL’s, XO’s, FL’s, and Senate members email addresses.


These duties were created by RBL_M1A2Tanker