Squad Leader Duties

  1. Evaluate squad status. Do this using the Club Members function of BSC and checking how long it’s been since your pilots last flew. If 3 months have passed and you haven’t heard anything from the pilot, send them to Reserves.
  2. Maintain communication with squad members, either by email, ZM, ICQ, or any other messaging service.
  3. Give out promotions. Follow the Guideline if you choose to assess and recommend promotions.
  4. Keep the squad pilots interested in staying. Your discretion on how to do that.
  5. For choosing a FL and XO, again, it is highly recommended that you follow the guideline and choose the best pilots for the jobs.
  6. For both regular promos and others (FL and XO) make a list of recommendations, get their stats from BSC, and send them in an email to the ENTIRE Senate for approval. Use their individual emails for best results.
  7. Stress that they HAVE FUN!

These duties were created by RBL_M1A2Tanker