XVT, XWA, Star Wars strategy games....

Ahoy maties, it's been way to long since I've attempted a news briefing...
I have actually found something that may be useful to our ongoing efforts to stay active.

I still have functional copies of XVT, XWA, and Empire at War on disc but for those that don't these games are now on GOG.com.

Upon further review there is even a small community of new folks wanting to play multiplayer matches in XVT and XWA... Might be some ole vets in there too, but I don't recognize any of the call signs at the moment. Been itching to get back into my Xwing and shoot something lol......this could be our chance once again!

MP matches are being hosted at gameranger.com. No word on any wow style tourneys, but I'll keep my ears open. The force is with us once again comrades!


Ace out