XvT: The end of an era

BSC X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Week of Wars cancelled
An era ends in both the history of BattleStats itself and the X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter community: XvT Week of War CLXIX has ended without participation today. The unplayed war doesn't go into the archive and its continuation is cancelled due to low activity.

The BSC Week of War was the premier XvT competition that pitted the best players in the world and decided the game's top clubs ever since 1998. Its spectacular 14 year long history saw 168 wars, and at its height the week-long installments had over a thousand registered players from one hundred clubs flying more than 5000 matches at a time.

Before the end of the year, BattleStats will be hosting a special reunion melee event welcoming all remaining players and former Week of War veterans. More information to follow.