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BSC 100 day roster rule changed


The 100 day drop rule was mainly in place to cut down on false game reporting and to keep the user select dropdowns for event match submission cleaner/up to date.... [full article]

Shooting Gallery

Gobble! Gobble! Turkey shoot, mine clearing, set em up n knock em down!
Gallery is now open on Voobly [full article]

Return to SWG for free

With the balance of power in the galaxy at stake, anyone who can tote a blaster or lend support is needed... [full article]


Great job everyone, thank you for flying and making RBL the BEST squad to be in. This time we placed an amazing 7th overall, well maybe not so amazing as we will do better next month. :) [full article]

August WoW 2002

For those brave souls that flew this WoW you all deserve a free round at Aslans Bar and Grille. Even though we only had a handful of pilots turn out this time around we managed to put together one great effort by taking 10th Overall. Way to go people. [full article]

July WoW 2002

Well even though we didn't put in as many games as usual we still managed to harrass and badger most of the competition out there, and we pulled out an 11th standing overall. Way to go guys especially considering all the great teams out there. [full article]

June WoW 2002

Wow that was a busy month, and with a busy month comes a lot of promos and stuff so here comes. :) [full article]


Well another WoW come and gone and once again RBL is proven itself to be a top contender. This time we managed to grab 9th overall Great job guys and gals. [full article]

April WoW 2002

Way to go RBL!! That was one hard fought WoW and when all the dust settled we pulled out with 6th place overall. [full article]

Bulkhead Trio

The Bulkhead Trio, (formally known as Dark, Drago, and Razen) were spotted today…well actually they were heard today making their way around the station in a vain attempt to locate the ever elusive door to Darks quarters... [full article]

March WoW 2002

WOW What a WoW :) We regret for the delay but we had trouble fixing our power supply after someone accidently shot it to bits with a blaster... [full article]

Torch has been passed ... Ah it's HOT!


What the... Eeeeeww I've never seen one of those animals before. *Gaging is heard* man what a stench, its like it has never been cleaned in here, no wonder noby wanted the job :) Hmmm I wonder what this is doing here?? ... [full article]

Passing of the RBLNews Anchor torch.

As of today, I will no longer provide RBL with the news and other information that is needed. I have been derelict in this because of a very busy Engineering schedule. So, with a heavy heart (and lots of possible regret) I had over the reigns for the RBLNews Anchor position to RBL_Wraith... [full article]