An Hour is the segment of a twenty four (24) hours period of a Day with each hour itself made up of sixty (60) Minutes with Each Minute made up of sixty (60) Seconds.

As there are no time zones within this system, the time should be consistent with UTC (Universal Coordinated Time).


The time can be represented in HH:MM:SS (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) in 24 hour notation, or as a decimal fraction of a day e.g.: 0.5 = 12:00:00 UTC (noon or at half day). The precision of the decimal is 5 in official record keeping which gives an accuracy of plus or minus one second. More digits can be added in other uses for higher precision of course.

Comparison using current time
Element Gregorian Earth Time
HH:MM:SS 17:51:35 UTC 17:51:35
Decimal fraction of day 0.74416 UTC 0.74416