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After checking in on the officers deck Ordyh looks in on the squad..
Its been a while since i was here so im gonna need a little help..  Is there still a site to play XvT? When and where are the Cobra squad meetings?  Im gonna try to get active again  ;D
We ALL need help but to answer your questions    yes there is still a site to play Xvt Ace had a post on it somewhere i'll see if i can find it.....

then just unzip, click on the file sample no resize.exe  log in and viola  sometimes you have to click on the pretty picture of the stardestroyer for the log in screen to come on dunno why but it worked for me,  course that was before the version update

no meetings that I know of since its just you and me that I know of so this might be regarded as one Smile and lastly great now I won't feel so alone  yay Smile


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