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Not Complaining But....
When am I gonna be added to the Hawks squadreon page on the pilots section and members roster. Oh and Ace I keep Hitting sample Whatever in the file But it won't work just a picture comes up with a red Stardestroyer and thats all no button no nothing but that picture what DO I DO!?!?!?!?
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Hmmmmm let me see mate.  it may be time for drastic measures.  delete the redist folder and files and try to redownload it.  Unzip it to your desktop and hopefully it will be ready to go.  if you keep having issues let me know.  also check your firewall/antivirus settings.  sometimes those things can interfere with applications like this one. 

Ohhhh don't worry mate AJ is just very busy.  He'll get ya on the roster Smile
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I have done the first part still trouble gonna have to ak the Higher ups to see to the Anitvirus thing if you know what I mean Wink
Powered up, Blasters ready, lets do this!
Hi there!

Sorry about the late! I will update the roster today... or maybe tomorrow!  ??? If you have a special picture for the roster, you can send it to me, and I'll make it for you!

B. Good!


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