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RBL Guild Hall
Bad news Holmes....the RBL Guild Hall went 'POOF' today(along with your cafe).  Thought it would have lasted longer, but I assume it has something to do with the number of active toons you needed to maintain it.  Suffice it to say it caught me by surprise.  I'm trying to arrange to set up a structure on the site to save the spot for whenever you're able to return.  I'll let you know how I make out.
Beware my dark side......oh! Hi Dark.
doh. well if it wasn't for it being slightly in that city limit it prolly would have stayed. Do you need anything out of it? I may be able to get a 30 day game card or somethin.

Curious if the treehouse still there? It was right on the city line, it was out far enough to place without zoning permissions so maybe it will stay heh.
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K, I had NO luck getting in touch with the erstwise mayor of the city(or at least, to responses to emails) so placing a structure over the site doesn't look like it's likely to happen.  I've maintained my 2 small Naboo houses that were next door to it, so that should cut down on the space that's available.  And yes, the treehouse survives!  Along with at least a couple of your factories in the area just outside the city limits, so it looks promising, with a slight relocation of the hall, to keep it in the area. 

I've relocated my vender business into my cottage for now(makes the house title of 'Asneot's House of Ill Repute' rather appropriate now with all those nubian princess's in there  ??? Tongue ;D) and business remains good.  As for the contents of the hall itself, they're safe in the guildhall for now, which will be tucked away on your toon's datapad, nothing of which is critically no worries there.

Hope things are improving for ya Holmes, it's not the same in the game with no other RBL members active in there.  :'(
Beware my dark side......oh! Hi Dark.
No worries on having to relocate it... long as you got what you need from it for a bit.

Yeah I been craving an SWG fix lately, maybe if one of the yard sales we been tryin to do are successful i can get some spare change for a game card Smile

Hope your doing well also, it's good to hear from yeah
Rebel parts... Imperial parts... All Made on Tatooine!!!
Welp, to be honest, in rl I got word today I go into hospital in 2 weeks time for a test I've been dreading for 10 years now, but which will finally(I hope) tell me just how much blockage I have around my heart(had a heart attack back in 2001).  Based on what those results show and what the docs recommendations are could interesting, to put it mildly.  Frankly, I'd much rather trade situations with ya Holmes.  (Gives a person a bit of perspective their own situation, eh?)
Beware my dark side......oh! Hi Dark.
Hope everything works out for you mate. If I can help in some way let me know.
Rebel parts... Imperial parts... All Made on Tatooine!!!

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