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Hello Again Wrath Squadron
So what's 10 or 12 years gone amongst friends eh?  I haven't been around since the Galvestooine Dilemma days.  What an epic battle that was.  For those of you who missed it, I feel for you.  Alas, such fights may yet be had once more!! My name is Duane, my handle is RegieTheBad. Nice to be Home again after so long. I can't wait to play again. It does my heart good to find my old squadron. Hoooah!
How did I miss this the first time?! Geez, I remember you Regie, but apparently we've been too busy being in a coma to notice. >.<
Tanker (tangk'er)n. 1. A dusty, crusty, grease-covered, dirty, sweaty, bright eyed, fuzzy faced, haircut-needing, beer-drinking, underrated, over-worked, underpaid, oversexed, little s%#* who can take a Tank and do more battlefield damage in ten minutes than a grunt squad can do all day.

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