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Battletech in 2020 and beyond
This board has been quiet for a while.......and righfully so as there just hasn't been much happening on this front.....them BOOM!! we have a crap ton of news all at once!  Attention all mechwarriors time to dust off the ole cockpits and return to the brawl.  It's been way to long since I've done a proper news cast here on the station so nothing fancy today boys and girls, just straight to the point.  The main idea here is Battletech aka Mechwarrior is alive and well once again!  There are even a few different options that I will summarize shortly.  Now if only we can get a new game in the x wing genre.........*there is a rumor about a yet unnamed star wars project featuring a isd and a wave of fighters for a teaser pic.........but it is a rumor.  *  not much info can be found atm.......current events may have also caused a delay in this project*  So back on topic:  Mechwarriors to the drop deck!

Battletech:  Hair Brainded Schemes launched a turn based tactical strategy project in 2018 simply titled Battletech.  At first glance it would be easy to dismiss this one, but give it a shot.  Set in the Inner Sphere around 3015 you play as a merc commander in the periphery.  This game is very deep and has a lot going on once you get the hang of it.  There are also 3 expansion packs that add new things to the game.  Flashpoint adds flashpoints to the map in career mode.  These are mini campaigns for decent rewards.  Urban warfare added city fighting to the mix.  This is brutal as there's not much cover and you can blow up buildings!  Heavy Metal adds new equipment and a new mech the Bullshit....err Bullshark lol.....It's an assault mech with an artillery cannon strapped to it's back.  Plus when you start a new career mode game you get a heavy metal crate that gives you some items and a new mech (which are all better than what you get from the random starting pools).  If you want to play the campaign you have to play the base game.  That means no mods.  The issue here is the difficulty spikes at random points.  The priority, or story missions, can be especially brutal.  Your usually outnumbered at least 2 to 1.  And hit chances rely on it is possible and infuriating when your prize ass kicking heavy mech gets taken out by a random headshot from an urbie with a rookie pilot that only hits one out of ten shots.  Even on lower diffs RNG--eesus can be a fickle mistress.  Once you get past that this game is a lot of fun!  And it has a fully functional mech lab.  I have had a ton of fun with this game!  It can be a little heavy on load times, especially those urban maps, but it's worth it.  Once you get through the campaign and want to start messing around in career mode things can get crazy.  This is where mods can come into play.  Rogue Tech is a mod that adds the clan invasion into the mix.  Also has flying vehicles and some new twists to pilot skills.  RT is compatible with career mode and skirmish/online.  Another great mod (that I prefer) is Battletech Advanced 3062.  This mod expands the timeline to the Fedcomm Civil War era aka MW4.  Adds new equipment, mechs, and factions.  Also has clan equipment and mechs.  More stable than RT.  Mods can be found on 

Mechwarrior 5 Mercs:  The new elephant in the room from Pirahna Games...this is the latest main line MW game.  You play as a merc commander in the IS.  Usual MW action and campaign here.  Mechlab is a bit disappionting.  Only IS mechs and equipment.  Only SP or COOP campaign.  Heavily favors mouse and keyboard input....sticks seem to be obsolete for some reason.  No PVP in this all.  Darkside atm is this is exclusive on epic game store until december 2020.  At that time it will hit steam and gog.  PVP is pushed to MWO..........

Mechwarrior Online:  Only way for first person PvP action these days for MW5 pilots.  Free to play MMO style game.  You can buy mechs with earned in game credits.  The mechs you can buy are various variants of the chassis.  If you want the hero mech you have to pay real money.  Again the mechlab is underwhelming.  The choice here is usually to use your in game credits to buy a new mech variant or rebuild the one you have.  Hard point restrictions limit what you can build.  Heavily favors mouse and keyboard input.  It is now possible to use a stick or pad but the controls aren't going to work perfectly.  Some are turned off by one death and your out of the round game play.  Don't know why the haven't added a re-spawning skirmish mode like MW4?  Especially since MW5 has attracted some new warriors.  Variety is good. 

MWLL:  This is still out there for PVP as well.  Has a low population count but some prefer it to mwo.  Matches do allow for re-spawns and is skirmish mode.  runs off of the crysis engine.  Graphics looked dated as hell, but if you can find a full server it is loads of fun.  
There is no emotion:  There is peace.  There is no ignorance, there is knownledge.  There is no passion, there is serenity.    There is no chaos, there is harmony.   There is no death, there is only the force-jedi code
Reporting for duty! MW5 up and running (with a few modifications like enhanced zoom, custom HUD, better looking lasers, and my TM T.16000M patched via the .pak file and FULLY functional)!

No issues with the joystick here, after aforementioned .pak file patching. My Marauder is set and ready for battle! Really, REALLY wish we had Clan mechs, but alas, no Timber Wolf...
It's best to watch a furball collapse, analyzing the movements of the enemy. Watch how they maneuver, when they fire, how they break. Visualize your own attacks against those observations, then go in for the kill. Sometimes, though, you don't get that advantage. It's at these times where you go in guns blazing, but keep your head on a swivel.
There is an expansion coming up later this year.....hopefully clan equipment........and more of a free roam career mode. Not a fan of IS mechs either especially the lights....icky!!!!! I do appreciate the rifleman and jagermechs though...Mmmm daka
There is no emotion:  There is peace.  There is no ignorance, there is knownledge.  There is no passion, there is serenity.    There is no chaos, there is harmony.   There is no death, there is only the force-jedi code

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