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Stable SWG Server
I revisited the legends SWG forum and found they now have a stable community and a stable server with a pretty good size population. It's free to play, they do accept donations but they are not required. One of the main rules is only one account per household, exceptions made with prior permission. They do however allow up to 3 toons per account to be logged in at the same time.

You only need a forum account there, the original game installed, then download their launcher to play. If anyone needs help obtaining the game let me know in a PM or something. The game uses your forum account for login.

I've been playing for a few days now, having a bit of fun grinding up a pilot. I have a crafter started but a ways to go yet to master. I also have a guild hall placed just south of Nashal on Talus, but no RBL guild registered yet as I don't have enough resources. This is an NGE type server, basically just like it was prior to shutdown minus the end of game stuff SOE released (eg no atmospheric flight). Omega is the server name, so far only one server, however it is treated as "live". E.g. no freebie dev stuff handed out.

Edit: I forgot to mention, you do get one free 90 vet reward to be used on only one toon.

I have three characters so far (Omega server):
Holmez   - Commando
Mr-Miagi - Crafter (droid engineer)
Bodie - Entertainer

Would be great to see some familiar faces if anyone is interested Big Grin

[Image: 1Vq0JE4l.jpg]
Rebel parts... Imperial parts... All Made on Tatooine!!!
I was able to get our guild tag up, I can't remember if there was a minimum number of members needed to keep it from going poof, but is good to see the insignia under my name.

[Image: wSk3sGol.jpg]
Rebel parts... Imperial parts... All Made on Tatooine!!!
Getting the guild hall decorated, I thought this would be appropriate

[Image: Pger9RR.jpg]
Rebel parts... Imperial parts... All Made on Tatooine!!!

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