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Anyone still around?
Seems kind of lonely around here...
Rebel parts... Imperial parts... All Made on Tatooine!!!
ahoy maties! I'm still here just been doing a lot of the work thing.... ick! that seriously cuts into my gaming time lol. I'm still around. On PC I'm doing Old Republic, World of Warplanes, and Wildstar. Xbox I am doing titanfall 2, Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2, and I'll probably get COD WW2
There is no emotion:  There is peace.  There is no ignorance, there is knownledge.  There is no passion, there is serenity.    There is no chaos, there is harmony.   There is no death, there is only the force-jedi code
Hark! Who goes there?
Ancient weapons n hokie religions kid.......every lil bit helps!
(08-06-2017, 10:11 AM)Azis Wrote: Hark! Who goes there?

I'm still here, just been literally afk for two months. Haven't quite moved my computer over to my fiance's apartment yet. We don't have enough room for a desk until we move in February. We're getting married on September 13th. Star Wars themed wedding too!
It's best to watch a furball collapse, analyzing the movements of the enemy. Watch how they maneuver, when they fire, how they break. Visualize your own attacks against those observations, then go in for the kill. Sometimes, though, you don't get that advantage. It's at these times where you go in guns blazing, but keep your head on a swivel.
I've been playing SWG (NGE) on the Legends server. It's free and very much like it was on live. Have mastered a couple pilots now, but mostly I've been doing crafting stuff lately.
Rebel parts... Imperial parts... All Made on Tatooine!!!

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