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Free Month for inactive accounts

With the balance of power in the galaxy at stake, anyone who can tote a blaster or lend support is needed. Come back for FREE between February 1, 2010 at 12:01 am PST and March 1, 2010 at 11:59 pm PST. Your account will be automatically reactivated, simply log-in and take part in the action for FREE!

Rebel parts... Imperial parts... All Made on Tatooine!!!
Hmm, tempting quite tempting...

(Knows what he's about to say is heresy around these parts.)

But I believe that Star Trek Online is better than SWG. Granted they've had time to work out a number of bugs from the NGE, the NGE just killed it for me.

But, it is a free month... maybe I'll go the site download the installer from there and relogin for old times sake on Gorath.
Powered up, Blasters ready, lets do this!
I checked out the startrek online website...$119.99 for a DISCOUNTED 1 yr subscription or $239.99 (US) for a lifetime subscription, both offers of which expire the day b4 it goes online...and THAT DOESN'T include the purchase of the actual game ITSELF...which is needed to actually PLAY it!!  Much as I'd like to check the game out, that's too pricey for me, thx.  :o
Beware my dark side......oh! Hi Dark.
I was playing Open Beta.

And the reason Life Time is so high is because of what happened when Champions Online was released

So many people bought Lifetime they had to cap it. Otherwise risk losing profit.

Edit: I love how I can't seem to reactivate my SWG account, oh SOE, you lied to me yet again, it's only for accounts that closed from 2007 to November of 2009, nice way to raise my hopes.
Powered up, Blasters ready, lets do this!

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