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New vid card, + more RAM = improved game!
Hey Azis....I'll make a better target now for ya, heh. ;D
Beware my dark side......oh! Hi Dark.
I know I know...too late agin  ???
hehe oh well if you been playin 1942 you should be up n ready for Battlefront, I'm a likin it myself. Single player is limited but the game is geared for online play too. Soon as Yoda finishes up with me I gonna give er a go  :-*
Ancient weapons n hokie religions kid.......every lil bit helps!
I've got a GeForce 4 now, works great.
It's best to watch a furball collapse, analyzing the movements of the enemy. Watch how they maneuver, when they fire, how they break. Visualize your own attacks against those observations, then go in for the kill. Sometimes, though, you don't get that advantage. It's at these times where you go in guns blazing, but keep your head on a swivel.

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