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Report in GBG players! - M1A2Tanker - 12-18-2002


Re:Report in GBG players! - Acehigh - 12-18-2002

I play battle grounds. wouldn't mind actually seeing rbl enter a wow.


Re:Report in GBG players! - Norghi - 03-12-2003

own the game but have played only a hand full of times ;D :o ;D

Re: Report in GBG players! - Fireyone233 - 02-18-2005

Hello my name Fireyone233 I own GBG I requested to join up in hawk squadreon but incase your ever on the game look for Jedi_Bob7 thats me ok gotta run.

Re: Report in GBG players! - Wraith - 02-20-2005

OMG!!!  People claiming to own and play this game. Where's my camera?? I need a picture of this or else no one is going to believe me!!    Tongue  ;D