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SWG.....the NEXT Generation - Snoopy - 07-09-2011

Heads up Azis, Holmes and anyone else interested in playing Starwars Galaxies....looks like there's another site for the game.  It's swgemu.com and it's apparently a player operated site based on the pre CU game version.  Best of all it's FREE to play..only catch being that you need the Empire Divided disks to install the game.  I'ts one account per person with up to 5 toons on the account.  From what I've heard, they're still working a few things out yet for the game, but if anyone liked the pre CU game version(and MOST of us DID), this is worth checking out.

Re: SWG.....the NEXT Generation - Holmes - 07-09-2011

Yeah it's an emulator, typically referred to as the EMU. They've been working on it for years. There's no space in it, just the very early ground based game.