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Still works - Azis - 03-12-2006

Azzette n Lethyl gettin em cranked up....could forsee a TCP/IP hosted game in the future...

P.S. Holmes ISO buster had no prob with the "Play" CD, dunno if ne protection or not, but worked just fine Big Grin

Re: Still works - Acehigh - 03-12-2006

let me know if you want to get a game of this in bro.  I'd be more than happy to join ya.  just hope my con would hold up lol

Re: Still works - Azis - 03-12-2006

sounds like a plan...I gotem goin over lan atm heheh needa get my girls system up with a keyboard with operable period key lol....cant type out the IP addy, but can search for lan games and get em hooked that way for now.

If they get froggy nuff a crowd I put up an IP here or sumin...