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Full Version: campaign mode *S*
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^Smile^  wow the farther I progress into this game the more I really wonder what game the critics played when they launched the so so reviews.  I'm very impressed with how well the objectives and capturing command posts work in the story line.  and you actually have to think a bit, if ya go in shooting rambo style you get mowed down quick.  *learned this the hard way lol*  my only gripe is once again the AI is pretty much useless and the squad commands don't really seem to responsive.  occasionally I'll get the "follow me" one to work but that's it.  other than that little gripe I'm in love with this game so far.  and every chance you get to play as a hero take it.  makes the level so much easier lol.  so far I think the toughest fight is the coruscant jedi library, and the tantive IV.  I recommend getting this game to anyone that is a starwars and shooter fan.
The campaign is too short I think. 

But I'm loving it for PC.  It's much better for this than for PS2.  Much easier to control the characters too. 

I'm enjoying Galactic Conquest a lot though.  That's challenging.  And flying in space with a joystick in this game isn't too bad.  Not great, but not bad.
the space  battles do take some getting used to as it's not true space combat as we are used to it, but once you get the hang of it great fun awaits.  my xbox is running this game awesomely and the xbox controllers isn't to bad for flying. 
With a little adjustment you can fly with a joy on PC pretty decently.  It can be a little buggy at times (it's surprising to see a fighter going one way and then suddenly it's going the other...then it goes back again!  That's a good trick!), but overall it's fun.

But trying to board and infiltrate an enemy ship in Galactic Conquest is nearly impossible as the instant you jump out of the shuttle, someone still on board will try to take off...and will crash it.  There goes your spawn point on their ship.
ok adding the yavin ground assault/ "reb retreat" as one of the royally tough missions lol