June WoW 2002

Wow that was a busy month, and with a busy month comes a lot of promos and stuff so here comes. :)
Thins past WoW RBL came in 15th over all not bad for a slow month. Also the top RBL for this were:

1. Aslan
2. Wraith
3. Mac
4. Dark

Way to go guys and nice to see an old friend up there as well, way to go Mac we knew you still had some reflexes :). Now for the fun stuff the promo's. The first promo after the name is the training promo for all that hard work shootin at Tanker :) and because of this you also get a regular promotion with is listed second, so here goes.

# Snowbird -> Flight Officer, Pilot 3rd
# Wraith -> Flight Officer, Officer 3rd
# Dark -> Top Ace, Officer 3rd
# Arson -> Padawan, Chief Pilot
# Razor -> Padawan, Liuetenant
# Snoopy -> Jedi Knight, Liuetenant

Congratulations everyone ~§~

Well thats all taken care of, know for the results of the first annual "Slide the Wookie" event. First place and the only squad member to try and slide a greased up Wookie, Murdock. Way to go we all knew you could hurl yourself down the hallway :) To everyone else good job at resisting the temptation to try and pick up a greased Wookie. :)

Lastly everyone pay attention there is another training war coming up on July 5th so there is another chance to get another promotion without all the waiting, so get your ships painted and sabotage everyone else's cause this one promises too be a good one.

Now back to your regular white noise but first a message from your local Doctors office (this is for you Tank):

Need A Hand?

Have you been injured in combat recently? Did you lose a foot or hand? Send for our electronic brochure of high-quality mechanical limbs.

If our Mechanical Hands are good enough for Luke Skywalker, aren’t they good enough for you? Contact one of our offices near you soon. We are also Voice Relay Communications compliant, should you be unable to type manually. Preutt Products

This is Ace News Distorter Wraith signing off...