July WoW 2002

Well even though we didn't put in as many games as usual we still managed to harrass and badger most of the competition out there, and we pulled out an 11th standing overall. Way to go guys especially considering all the great teams out there.
Firstly (is that even a word??) top pilots in RBL were

1. Wraith
2. Aslan
3. Arson

Nice job guys, now just let someone else up there once in a while :p

Promotion's this time around go out to two new guys for passing Bootcamp, so treat them to a Rootie and don't take it personal if they decline to sit. I have heard those boots can be pretty hard :)

1. Goku -> Pilot 4th Wrath Squadron
2. Acehigh -> Pilot 4th Hawk squadron

Way to go guys ~ยง~ Now remeber Hawks and Wraths you were once new and we all expect you to do to them what we did to you. :)

And Finally an important message from Hiagh Cammand that you should probably pay attention to but most likely skip over

Please report any encrypted or peculiar messages you receive to your immediate superior officer. Use non-standard, Section 303!SEC protocols only. This security measure will remain in effect until further notice. Alliance High Command

This is Ace News Distorter Wraith signing off once more....