August WoW 2002

For those brave souls that flew this WoW you all deserve a free round at Aslans Bar and Grille. Even though we only had a handful of pilots turn out this time around we managed to put together one great effort by taking 10th Overall. Way to go people.
Tops in RBL were:

1. Wraith
2. Snoopy
3. Aslan

Nice job guys.

Also of special note were the following accomplishments;

Wraith 17th Overall

Aslan 3rd in X-Wings

M1A2Tanker 14th in Z-95 Headhunters

Great flying guys you done us proud. ~ยง~

This time around there are no promotions to hand around but hopefully next time there will be a stack of them to distribute :).

And now back to endless uninterupted commercials that you just can\'t get enough of this is Ace News Distorter signi..**THWACK** AHHHH someone is gonna pay for this walk by Trouting!! Pay I say...*Static*

This is a notice to all operators of commercial and military vessels: Alliance High Command has increased security in a number of regions. Cargo contents will be thoroughly checked, scrutinized, pulled apart and generally prodded at all Alliance Customs Stations, as well as routine Mobile Security checks. Please contact your local Outpost for listings of all affected sectors.

High Command