RBL News

¤§¤ It's News Time!
*taps the mic sitting on his desk three times to make sur e it's working..........blows into mic............*

Good news folks I found the key to the news room, dusted off the mic, and found a huge stack of papers on the circulation desk. So listen up RBL, it's news time!

Our top story tonight revolves around the increasing amount of activity here at the base. For about a year and a half or so activity had lagged, but now alot of our members have found SWG. These people have then found some new members in game and our community has started to grow again. Just want to give a shout out to the newest RBL'ers: Sleet and Sparqz. Welcome to the tribe mates, just watch out for the Wookie Surprise in the bar and grille................

Moving on it seems that RBL is doing well in Galaxies lately. I understand that Holmes has placed RBL City Hall and the RBL Outpost is now granted Outpost status. Keep up the great work. Just keep those Impy's off our backs hehehe.

RBL is most famous for our work in space. It's no secret that we have some Ace dogfighters in our ranks. And Holmes has just recently joined the "ACE" ranks in Galaxies. A recent report claims that he destroyed an Imperial Corvette that was on patrol around the Kessel system. The details of this mission are classified.


In other space worthy news it has also been reported that RBL has a new YKL-37r Nova Courier that has been added to the fleet. Great work out there folks!

No sports scores, panda sightings, or events at the bar and grille this evening. This is your roving reporter signing off!

*static is heard as the news transmission is ended.....*