Final WoW of Zone Era

*S* A moment of silence please.......
What more can be said than we have just experienced the end of an era. XVT had a great run on the "zone". While many who read this will say it was dead and should have been put to pasture a long time ago, to those people I say where have you been for the last few months of WoWing??? There was still a good turn out for the event and lots of matches were being logged. There are games on the zone alot older than XVT (Crimson Skies and some other Microsuck titles) that have never even been in the discussions of being "executed from the zone". But that decision was made and can't be overturned. So now it seems mIRC is how match making will take place for future events. Personally this option scares me as that program has never run well on my system. Hopefully pilots won't be scared off, but I for one would love to see some other option. *crosses fingers* With that said I'd like to call the flags at RBL Station lowered to half mast, and call for a moment of silence for our fallen comrade. ¤§¤

The final wow of the zone era saw RBL turn in a solid performance. We finished 4th in the club rankings. Ace came in 13th in player stats, and Wolf Skull 15th. Our borders were patrolled well by Ace, Wolf Skull, Snoopy, and Goku. Great work mates!