Bulk Archive

A bulk archive of our past news.....
Feburary 23rd, 2001 Today in RBL news, we happily report that we have too much stuff to report. Against Rebel Alliance Transmitting Procedures, we are going to be broadcasting for a much longer period than usual today.

First, the wars. RBL and OBS went to war yet again in the Galvastooine Dilemma 2: Fear in the Night. After a rough start with our newer pilots taking up arms first against the veteran Imperial pilots, RBL managed to pull ahead and defeat the Imp scum. Congrats all for a job well done!

Another WoW has come and gone, with RBL going to war once again against the best everyone has to offer. It with certainty that RBL will be ranked highly once again.

In the RBLGallery, Aslan has taken up shop, opening up Aslan's Bar and Grill. All are welcome to enter and enjoy great food, good drinks, and all are most welcome to rack up a huge tab to pay for the operating costs of the Bar.

Speaking of the Gallery, we at RBLNews find that we were remiss in mentioning the opening of the new wing of RBL HQ. The Gallery is open to all to view, copy, and just plainly enjoy. All pilots and ground pounders are welcome to donate and contribute to it.

The Jedi Knight Division is reopened, with Admiral Azis made General of the new Division, and RBL_Hondo as his second in command. There have been many who have signed up from the XvT ranks, and in time it is hoped that more who will play JK only will join soon. Good luck all.

In Engineering News, Engineering Chief Aslan reports that on all pilots bios there is the enlistment date there, and soon there will be a date of rank, or Promotion date there as well. This will help in determining the time to be promoted.

Just a moment, we are recieving new news....

Results of the WoW are in. RBL placed 15th overall. Great work! Here are the stats:
Wolf=158 Games


Top Ten Gamers

Fox=125 games

Excellent work everyone. And moreso to Foxhound! You are fast becoming our top gamer Fox, good work!

Our final bit of news is on Trophys. Recently, RBL held a competition for the Best Squad trophy, with entries from M1A2Tanker, Aslan, and a Mystery entry. By a small margin, Aslan's entry wins, and is hereby awarded to Wolf Squadron for being top in the WoW. This trophy will be handed out to the squad that does better than all others in WoWs. Good work Wolf! You're the youngest, but obviously you deserved it.

This is RBLNews, signing off. GO RBL!!!

January 27th,2001
Scoop Here! RBL did Great in this WOW but while it was going on I got a big Story too!! As the newly hired investigative reporter I have found some interesting juicy stuff at RBL central! First off it seems that the admirals got together at Aslans bar and grill for a friendly game of spades but the stakes were high! Apparently The A-team as they are called (Azis and Aslan) were playing Mac and Crys for the rights to there personal luxury shuttle if they won. However if the A-team lost they would be Mac and crys pesonal slaves for a week! The A-Team worked the other 2 Admirals hard and at the end of the night Mac handed over the keycodes for his and Crys (and she was after having to turn it over to the Ewok and Alien!) prize shuttle to the A team!!! Since than this reporter has captured a pic of the shuttle after the A team got a hold of it!

Nice paint Job!!.......Until Next time this is Scoop signing out *S*

January 14th, 2001
Today, on RBLNews, we are proud to announce that we finally have found our opening credits music. Even though we have no credits, we do have the music.

War is brewing between OBS and RBL yet again, and so far, it is looking to be quite the war as both sides gear up for it. RBLIntel has reported that a TIE Interceptor was stolen recently, apparently from the same maintence outpost as the one the TIE Bomber was stolen from. This is unconfirmed as yet, with the Intel cheif sayin "We don't know anything". How true this is....

In other news, Vader has been double slotted as Commodore and Squad Leader of Cobra. His jubilation was greatly apparent when he started to dance uncontrollably before everyone. Congratulations go out to him. Congratulations also go out to Rancor and Cuda for thier promotions to Squad Leader and XO of Wrath, respectivly. Due to other concerns, WildSlash has turned over command of Hawk to M1A2Tanker, and taken his place as Squad XO. And finally, the biggest promotions are givin to Azis, and Aslan. Azis takes the seat of Admiral SteelToe, who is still reported as MIZ, or Missing In Zone, and Aslan gets the new seat of Rear Admiral. Congratulations to all.

On the OBS issue, High Admiral Obiwan invites RBL pilots to crash the Imperal Ball on the Emperor's Pride, deep in OBS space. Three RBL Officers did attend, and left in short time. See the OBS Emperor's Pride Comlink

Finally, we at RBL wish to say simply, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

December 24th, 2000
Today, on RBLNews, we are making just a small broadcast.

May all take care, and travel safetly this Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas to all!!

December 17th, 2000
Due to a Imperial attack on the RBLNews station, we have been unable to keep you, our viewers updated. We have just recently repaired everything. Sadly, even Aslans' Pee Tree has been found in the rubble. As we are committed to informing you of all news worthy events, it will take RBLNews some time to recover all the data of the past wars and post them. Until that time, RBLNews time slot shall be taken by a cooking show.

And now, for the cooking show.

static, buzz noises.....And for the viewers just now joining us, I am cooking up a beautiful souffle, made with my Mothers' recipe. We have already added all the ingredients, and now, lastly, we flambe our souffle with an ACETYLENE TORCH!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FOOOOOOSH YAAAAH!!

Please stand by:"Psycho Chef" is currently experiencing technical difficulties....in the backgroundGRAB HIM! GRAB HIM!!

August 17th, 2000
The rumblings of war are increasing, with the newest Week of War starting tomarrow. Many pilots are excited......especially Vader. After giving his Tom Tom a new coat of paint, and cleaning out the inside, he took it out for a quick practice run with Elita.

The rumblings of yet another war are in the making, with IRN_BlackRooq throwing down his guantlet in the ReBeL Hangers...which was dutifully picked up and kept...for now.

August 15th, 2000
All RBL bids farewell to EnergBence. He can still be found in TRA, same name.

With only one or two slots left open, most of the Squads are filled, and ready for the up and coming WOW.

News is lacking today....so we'll cut to the weather/tapdancing/shoot the tap dancer report.

Thanks Tanker...first..my dancing, then the weather..**TAPPITY TAPPITY TAP TAP....BLAST!! BLAST!!....body falls**

We're taking applications for a new weather reporter.

August 10th, 2000
In an amazing feat of deep space recovery, Aslans Pee Tree has been recovered....although....not before it made the aquaintance of a couple meterorites, and one HIGHLY relieved deep space slug....the Tree will never be the same.

In other news, promotions were passed out to the following..
Azis - Chief Officer
Vader - Officer 4th
IrishGuard - Pilot 3rd
Lethyl - Pilot 2nd
EnergiticBence - Pilot 3rd
MIA2Tanker - Pilot 2nd
Aslan - Liuetenant
Congratulations to all! All deserve it.

August 3rd, 2000
In the scandal of the day, a theft occured in the office of OBS Grand Admiral Thrawn. While the breakin wasn't so bad, since it's Thrawns office, what was so scandalous, is the possible evidence of a link to Thrawns involvement with the assault on RBL_M1A2Tankers homeworld and the near destruction of a ReBeL squadron and Task Force sent there. Originally it was belived that Admiral IsoFlex, the commander of the Imperial fleet that attacked Tankers homeworld, did it soley on his own. RBLNews has recived word that there is information that points to Thrawn actually ordering IsoFlex to do the assault, for reasons unknown at this time. We will update you as we go, and on a personal note....whoever has that information, please send it here immeaditaly!!! **Anchor clears throat** This is M1A2Tanker, signing off.

July 30th, 2000
In todays news, Admiral Zarathos announced today with great pride and admiration, the accomplishments of RBL_Azis, and ReBeL. Azis flew like mad, with 111 games under his belt in the past war. He also held a ranting, within the squad alongside Vader and Zarathos, at second place, with a 77.50 rating. In overall points Azis took top gun, with a astonishing 3,563,063 points. Vader gave him a run for his money though, with a 2,201,824 points. But not to detract from Azis spotlight, Congratulations Azis!!

In Squadron stats, Cobra took High Squadron, with a Total Points of 6,820,887 points. Hawk took second with 1,919,210 points, the Admirals took third with 1,323,591 points, and Wrath took fourth with 396,040. Even some Reserves showed up, and brought in 35,090 points. Every little bit helps, and all worked together to help give ReBeL a grand total of 10,552,032 points.

Zarathos also announced that ReBeL is about to reach the 100 million point mark. An amazing accomplishment considering the age of the Squadron is only 7 months old. Only 17 clubs have reached this mark in BSC history. All pilots who have helped to reach this point, will be immortalized in a special tribute on the next War page. All pilots, past and present, will have thier names made in flames. All deserve it.

July 29th, 2000
On todays show, we show pride and admiration at Aslans restraint, and leadership abilites as he gives everyone apersonalizedd pee tree, which Scorch promptly tossed out the airlock, not realizing that Aslan had placed a credit card for everyone on thier individual pee trees.

The War has ended, with RBL making a good strong show at 26th place. Congratulations to all who flew abound, and all take a well deserved rest. The backlog of awards, promos, and paperwork is slowly being taken care of, as warriors move aside for the beurocrats to do what they do so well, make life a living hell for the warriors.

Stats will be posted as more information is gathered.

RBL Investigators have reportedly positively identified the person in the theft of Aslan's backup Pee Tree as Reprah. RBL Investigators are also looking into the mystery of the person who broke into the bridge and transmitted obsene messages over the carrier waves. RBLNews will check to make sure of the identity of the perpetrator, and will look into the mystery transmitter. Why? Because you...want to know.

Scorch is now accepting applications for his combination gymnastics/lovemaking **transmission intercepted** RBLNews is not responsible for any damages to personel or property if you take Scorch up on this, as this transmission appears to be a slice made by some unknown slicer **transmission intercepted** course. Called Gymnasty. Call Scorch at comlink # 123456789.

July 24th, 2000
We inturrupt this broadcast of Brumby, the Fuzzy Purple Bantha, with a special news bulletin. Aslans Pee tree, has been sighted once again, on a collision course with our sun. Luckliy, all the ice is melting off, and the tree is becoming clean once again. A recovery team has been sent out to get it back (hopefully)in time before Aslans bladder bursts. As for Aslans backup pee tree, there has been no ransom post for it, nor any other clue as to it's wereabouts.

As for the War, RBL pilots flew fast and furious, but were slowly being worn down, when reinforcments arrived in the form of RBL_Vader and RBL_Omegadoom. Cheers of joy and jubilation cried forth from the RBL Hangers, as they flew out at high speed to join thier comrades in battle. The tide has slowly turned, and many pilots are begining to fight with new zeal. All show an optimisim possibly unmatched in any of the other squadrons. In the words of Vader, "we need to fly more and KILL, KILL, KILL!! Oh, and recover Aslans tree..." RBLNews will continue to keep you informed.

July 22nd, 2000
On the Intergalactic front, clashes and battles rage. M1A2Tanker, Muzikitty, Zarathos, Azis, and many others were involved in the fighting. The going is tough, but they gave as good as they got in most cases. RBLNews will post updates as the war develops.

In Local news today, Aslan returned, with many unknown packages for his fellow pilots. Upon discovery of the damage done by both Imperial slanders, and Engineering mistakes, rendering the main comlink down for a period of several hours, the furry ewok became outraged, stating, "Rep did what? And Tanker....TANKER!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!", before storming out of the hanger to his office.

In our continuing story of Aslans pee tree, RBL Intel has been unable to completely determine who the intruder was, or why he took the pee tree. Several items of food had also been removed, and littered Aslans office. A partial composite of the intruder reveals him to possibly be Scorch. But there is only a 17% chance of that being true and a 99% chance that's it all a big fat lie. The pee tree has been positively sighted, when it collided with a Imperial probe droid, and made the droid self destruct. So far, the tree hasn't been recovered, or seen since. RBL Intel, and RBLNews continues to investigate.

July 21st, 2000
In Intergalactic news, war has broken out for the 25th time this year, envolving many squadrons all over the galaxy. The cause is unknown, and the outcome is far from being determined. With luck, and more than a little help from above and from all, ReBeL shall do it's best in this war, as it always does, and always will.

July 20th, 2000
In a major break in our continueing story on Aslans Pee tree, RBLNews has aquired a security cam video that shows a unidentified figure taking Aslans Pee Tree to an undetermined location. We'll breif you as we continue.

July 18th, 2000
In a excellent training session, Wild§lash, RegietheBad, Irish Guard, and M1A2Tanker prepared for the upcoming Week of War with great enthusiasm. Much to Tanks surprise, he took top gun in three runs, with Guard taking the final run in a hardfought Squint battle. Wild§lash and Regie finetuned thier equipment to thier satisfaction, and made impressive runs as well. It is without a doubt that for these four, they are Locked, Cocked, and Ready to rock!

In other news, Aslans Pee Tree is still nowhere to be found, although it has been sighted in orbit around RBL Headquarters. RegietheBad almost went outside to find it, when he found out that he forgot to put on his EVA suit.

In a related story, the rumors of the file Aslan has on Rep are still going strong, but rumors also abound of a file in Reps hands of a, and I quote, "a very bald Ewok". No evidence as yet has surfaced to the rumors being true or not. More to follow.

July 17th, 2000
Late this evening, Aslan, and Rep had a go at it over the loss of Aslans' prized pee tree out the airlock. Details are scetchy as to the cause, but from eyewitness reports Aslan had left his tree to the care of his engineering staff, M1A2tanker, and Rep.

Rep had been holding it, until some unknown even caused him to drop the tree. But, alls well that ends well, Aslan had a backup tree, and he gave Rep extra duty, cleaning it throughly.

Although there are rumors of a mysterious file in Aslans possesion about Rep. We will cover this story as we go.

July 10th, 2000
Congratulations to RBL_Reprah for being the top ranked RBL, and top ranked pilot in the Galvastooine Dilemma. A further congratulations to RBL_Elita for giving Rep a challenge to get there!

RBL pilots take 3 of the top 5 ranking positions in the past war, with Rep 1st with a 89 rating, Elita with a 88, OBS_Pyn with a 77, Azis and OBS_PsychoToad tie with a 75, and Zarathos finishes it off with a 67.

Awards and promotions to M1A2Tanker, Omegadoom, Muzikitty, Jackal, Nah, leythl, C_Grade, RegietheBad, and Holmes. Congratulations all!! Congratulations also to Aslan for recovering his pee tree, burned, battered, but never destroyed!

July 8th, 2000
After a one of the most hard fought wars seen, the fate of the Galzastooine Dilemma is settled by a few mere points. Both sides claim victory, but after carefull anaylsis by RBL_Zarathos and OBS_Pyneagen, and OBS Obiwan, OBS is declared the winner by a fraction of a K/D point. Congratuations to all the new and original pilots who put in their time. It was well fought, and it had to have been the funniest war of all time!

July 1st, 2000
ReBeL and OBS go to war in the Galvastooine Dilemma!

June 16th, 2000
Congratulations to RBL_M1A2Tanker for being made RBL_Aslans new addition to the Engineering section of the ReBeL Website.

June 7th? 2000
Congratulations go to RBL_Crysania for her promotion to Admiral, due to her dedication, help, and support to ReBeL. Congratulations also to Wildslash for his assumption of command as the new CO of Hawk.

May 9th, 2000
Congradulations go out to RBL_Crysania for making the rank of Lt. Commander for such long dedicated service! Aslan, Rancor, Azis, C-Grade, Wildslash, and VaderIII also recieved promotions for thier service.

May 7th, 2000
ReBeL Wins The War of the Millennium III! with some great activity and some nice stats RBL finishes on top of only 3 squads able to make the cut. An Awesome performance by RBL_Rancor for beating the record for player rankings in a single event with 7 and RBL_Aslan for being the first non-admiral to be ranked 1st in ReBeL!

April 28th, 2000
Once again RBL has a great showing of activity in the Week of War. Finishing 11th in points with over 10 million points and placing 6th in points per player proving we are the most active of the smaller squads.

March 24th, 2000
RBL Finished Week of War XXI with a very good showing. Placing 8th in overall points with over 13million points. Several player rankings and finishing 12 in points per player again proving us to be one of the most active groups in the XvT zone. We Ranked 20th overall out of 86 participating groups.

March 7th, 2000
RBL Launches it's Jedi Knight and X-wing Alliance Divisions!

Febuary 25th, 2000
RBL completed it's Second full Week of War. Though the Finish wasn't as good as the first full war, RBL did manage to have 2 players ranked in X-Wings and 2 players ranked in Z's.For such a Great first performance, RBL_Shiny_Mite has been promoted to Pilot 2nd. Congradulations!

Febuary 10th, 2000
RBL announced at Battlestats.com the new web design to be displayed on Febuary 18th in Honor of the WoW (Week of War). WoW is the longest standing and most popular event hosted by Battlestats.com. RBL will always participate in the XvT WoW and we feel some honor is due to Battlestats.com

January 31th, 2000
For excellent service in WoW XIX....RBL_Innuendo has been promoted to the rank of Officer 4th!

January 28th, 2000
Rebel Finishes it's first full length Week of War! Taking 13th in overall points and having 4 members ranked in X-Wings and 2 of them Ranked in Assault Gunboats too! ReBeL finished 3rd in points per player in all ships and 1st in X-Wings making us one of the most active squadrons in the zone!

January 26th, 2000
ReBeL Launches it's main website located at www.rblsquad.com

January 7th, 2000
ReBeL completed it's first full length war in "War of the Millenium"

December 19th, 1999
ReBeL is formed and makes it's first start in WoW18!