Torch has been passed ... Ah it's HOT!


What the... Eeeeeww I've never seen one of those animals before. *Gaging is heard* man what a stench, its like it has never been cleaned in here, no wonder noby wanted the job :) Hmmm I wonder what this is doing here?? ...

Oh, it held up the desk... Hmmm wonder what thi means?? Oh man its on! Ahh hello out there this is RBL_Wraith saying hi, seems like I'm the new anchor around here so we will be bringing you useless facts soon. But as there is no news at the moment we are signing off until next time this is The Voice From the Comm.


Man I've never seen such a mess... I wonder if I can just vent this section into space?? Oooops the lights still on....

*click*...*click*...*click*..*CLICK* Dang it wheres my blaster??

*Sound of a blaster beimg throwm at the control board*