March WoW 2002

WOW What a WoW :) We regret for the delay but we had trouble fixing our power supply after someone accidently shot it to bits with a blaster...
This was a fiercly fought contest this time around for the BoB trophy with Wrath coming out on top followed closely by Wolf. Congradulations Wrath Squadron I hope that fishy smell comes out of you trophy case.

In related news the following Pilots for exceptional bravery or some such distinguishing flying skills have been promoted

1. Kalumpa to Pilot 2nd
2. Kyp Durron to Senior Pilot
3. Scarecrow to Senior Pilot
4. Steeler to Pilot 2nd

Way to go gentlemen, wear your new ranks proudly you deserve it. ~§~

In more Recent news we wish a fond farewell to both RBL_Mac and RBL_Man53. You will both be missed even if some of us didn't know you too well we know you contributed a lot to this squad and we wish you the best wherever you may find yourselfs. ~§~

Lastly would the person or persons responsible for the dissapearance of Snoopys blanket please return it as he has promised a most horrible vengance upon the culprits if it is not returned.... on second thought keep it and just point him in the direction of the Empire :)

This is Ace News Distorter Wraith signing off...