Bulkhead Trio

The Bulkhead Trio, (formally known as Dark, Drago, and Razen) were spotted today…well actually they were heard today making their way around the station in a vain attempt to locate the ever elusive door to Darks quarters...
Also the betting is now up to 13-1 that they will never find the door, to check on the status of your bet just follow the dents and ever present sounds of heads hitting the bulkheads and almost continuous screams that only a Nurse C sighting can elicit from already strained vocal cords.

In other news the next WoW is almost here (2 weeks) so get your ships painted and your laundry cleaned. High Command does not want another “incident” like the last time so please get it right this time around. All though I have to confess that for a short period of time the outside of one ship did look the best out there even though the inside eventually had to be replaced.

Now back to the Rancors Seven and their original style of so called music but first a word from our sponsors, so until next time this is Ace News Distorter Wraith signing off…

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