April WoW 2002

Way to go RBL!! That was one hard fought WoW and when all the dust settled we pulled out with 6th place overall.
I know you can not wait so here goes... the covoted BoB trophy went to Wrath Squadron. Way to go guys it was a close one :)

Top spots in RBL squad were:

1. Rogue Wolf
2. Snoopy
3. Vader and Wraith

Also there were some promotions to be handed out as well.

1. BobLeFou -> Pilot 3rd
2. Mauitzer -> Senior Pilot
3. Rogue Wolf -> Pilot 3rd
4. SnowBird -> Pilot 3rd

Congradulations go to everyone for a job well done. And remember use the comm board and keep in touch so we here at the news desk do not go out looking for you. If that happened who knows what may end up here :)

In more exciting news the winner of the first annual "Slide the Kitty\" Contest was Murdock. Way to go 'Doc. Also registration forms for the next annual "Slide the Kitty" contest are now being distributed but with the mail system the way it is it may take some time :)

This is Ace News Distorter Wraith signing off until next time, News will never be the same.